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9 AM - 3 PM, Monday to Friday, Automatically closed during Typhoon Signal No. 1 and up and holidays

LEVELS.           ALSO KNOWN AS       SCHEDULE                      TIME                                 AGE BY AUG. 31**

Playgroup                                                MWF                                 2 Hours                             At least 1 Year and 6 Months

Toddler              Pre-Nursery                   3X or 4X or 5X a week      2 Hours and 15 Minutes   2

Junior                Nursery                          3X or 4X or 5X a week      3 Hours                            3 

Senior               Pre-Kinder                      5X a week                         3 Hours                            4 

Kindergarten                                            5X a week                         3 Hours and 30 Minutes  5 

(**) Please be advised that DepEd has mandated that preschools with Kindergarten Levels issue an LRN (student number, traceable nationwide) to all its Kindergarten graduates.  Further, DepEd has mandated that the age cut off is 6 years.0 months by August 31 to enter the First Grade in ANY Philippine learning institution.     

FEES. Tuition Fees and Installment Plans are listed on a separate sheet and will be discussed with you personally.  Do note that fees for Field Trips, Yearbook, Pictorial CDs, Costumes, Program Venue Rental and extra-curricular activities are not part of the tuition fee.  

TRANSIENT STUDENTS. We accept students throughout the school year.  For those whose intentions are to stay for less than a school year, this option is open to you, given that there are still available slots. 

BOOKS AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES. Your child's workbooks and handmade worksheets, student’s “gifts” to family members during major occasions, school supplies and art materials are part of the tuition.

UNIFORMS. Uniform T-shirts (in red, white, cyan, pink, apple green, yellow, lime green, dark blue) for sale at P350.  A white one is needed and used during our monthly field trips. 

AFTER CLASS ENRICHMENT. Perfect for currently enrolled students who are routinely fetched after the 15-minute dismissal window.  Kids will be supervised and given additional learning worksheets and art activities at P200/hr. You will be billed daily.

TUTORIALS. P500/hr. for children until 3rd Grade.  With a clear appointment.

BUS SERVICE.  The contact details may be given to you when you personally visit TLA. 

FOOD. You are in charge of providing for your child's daily snacks and in so doing, you are solidifying your child’s dietary habits.  Too much sugar alters the thinking and physical states of children and may lead to energy that is detrimental to their ability to focus on a necessary task.  We encourage healthy snacks and frown upon sugar-laden fare.

RATIO FOR ADULTS TO STUDENTS. 1:7 Toddler Level, 1:8 Junior Level, 1:9 Senior and Transition Levels.  Once we pass the limit per level, we bring in another teacher to help manage the class. We have aids/nannies who clean up and assist with bathroom duties.

TRIAL CLASSES.  We offer three days of FREE trial classes.  Please confirm your attendance 24 hours beforehand as we personalize worksheets. Pls. bring a change of clothes (nappies, milk, if needed) and snacks.

POTTY TRAINING AND BOTTLE FEEDING. With your assistance and positive reinforcement, we can help you address these issues.

PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCE (PTC). Kindly schedule this ASAP with your class teacher to discuss the Parent’s Handbook (TLAP’s Philosophy, Teaching Methods, Goals, School Rules), your expectations and your goals in relation to your child. 

DIPLOMAS / CERTIFICATES RELEASED AT THE END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR.  Children who start in June, finish in March with minimal absences and who come 5X a week may receive a Certificate of Completion for the level they are enrolled in. Those who enroll after June and/or attend 4x a week/3X a week will receive a Certificate of Attendance.  Enrollees must strictly attend their

pre-agreed 3X/week or 4X/week schedule. Should a special event fall on a day that is not part of a scheduled attendance, you will forfeit the last day of your week in exchange for attending said event. 

There will be no make-up classes for absences.

CONSIDERATION FOR SIBLINGS. As a token of our appreciation to parents who have more than one child enrolled within the same school year at TLA, we will forgo the interest on deferred payments for the succeeding sibling(s). 

THE REFUND POLICY. For student pull out, for any reason:
Reservation Fee is non-transferable and non-refundable but deductible from first installment of any TLAP Payment Plan. 
Early Bird Payment – Paid amount less P15,000 will be refunded if written notice is given on or before April 1.
Early Bird Payment – Paid amount less P20,000 will be refunded if written notice is given on or before May 1.
Regular Payment – Paid amount less P33,000 if pulled out on or before June 30.
Regular Payment – Paid amount less P49,500 if pulled out on or before July 31.
Regular Payment – Paid amount less P66,000 if pulled out on or before August 1.
No refunds for extra-curricular activities (i.e. field trips, venue fees, pictorials, etc.)

STAGGERED CLASSES. The first two weeks of school in June will be staggered (MWF or TTHF).  This allows you (one adult companion) to join the class, only if needed, to reduce the new student’s anxiety for strangers and new surroundings.  After two weeks, companions will be restricted to the school’s waiting area during class hours.

ASSESSMENT AND REPORTS. (See About Us page for more info) Throughout the year, you will receive updates about your child’s progress through:  Texts, emailed Weekend Journals, a Parent-Teacher Viber Group, Midyear Portfolio (after 3 months), a Year End Portfolio (February), Developmental Milestone Checklists, daily worksheets and PTC’s. We do not subject children to exams and percentile grades, as these, we believe, do not fully describe the child’s progress/performance in school. 

Post Dated Checks for the whole school year with payee THE LITTLE APPRENTICE PRESCHOOL, INC.
Parent/Guardian will sign a Payment Agreement, which details Refund Policy, any applicable  Installment Schedule, possible Late Payment Penalties and other procedures to be followed for the school year.
O Photocopy of Birth Certificate
O Six 2X2 ID photos of your child
O Four 1X1 ID photos of each Fetcher entering the school premises, including parents
O One Family Picture (4R or 5R)
O Completed Enrollment Form (form will come from TLAP)
O Signed Acknowledgement Form (form will come from TLAP)
O Authorized Pick Up Form (form will come from TLAP)